Without Rival: Embrace Your Identity and Purpose in an Age of Confusion and Comparison

“Your first step in knowing your identity is found in who you are to Him.”  – Lisa Bevere

Without Rival is the much-anticipated new book from author Lisa Bevere.  Truly I tell you that there are not enough good words that I can speak about this book.  It is clear and powerful and poignant.

Lisa teaches on how God does not love His children equally, but uniquely.  She speaks straight into the hearts of women of all ages to communicate how special each one is as the daughter of the Lord.  “Our Father rejoiced when you drew your first breath, and as the years unfolded, the angels of heaven rejoiced with him when you were reborn as his Spirit-quickened daughter.  Marvelously loved one, there is absolutely nothing accidental about you.”  AMEN.  Because we are uniquely made for a unique purpose, we are without rival.

This book is filled to the brim with life-giving words about identity, purpose, and expression.  The reader is taught about how our concepts of God are reflected in ourselves and how our God perceptions are ultimately reflected in the life we live and the choices we make.  It is of vital importance that we know who God is and what He says about us.

We must avoid the distraction and division that comes with comparison – between individuals of the same gender and between male and female.  God loves male and female uniquely.  Lisa presents a very clear, thorough, and biblical teaching on the role of the female gender and the role of women in the church.  It was enlightening and refreshing to have someone use her platform in such a powerful way to shine a spotlight on a subject which many do not like to talk about.

I treasure this book.  Women around the world need this message.  Men around the world need this message too.  Men, the same concepts are applicable to you.  If you have not discovered Lisa Bevere or if you have but have not yet picked up Without Rival, go get it today! You will love it!!

I received a free copy of this book from its publisher in exchange for my honest review of it.


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