The 8 Essentials of Leadership

It is a rarity to discover an author who can inspire a reader to be greater from cover to cover.  Mike Favors is just such an author.

The 8 Essentials of Leadership is the latest release from Mike Favors.  In the book, the author discusses leadership in a clear and encouraging way that resonates with readers.  What would be traditionally complex concepts are skillfully broken down into concise and easy to understand principles.  I appreciated the fact that these principles are taught from several standpoints including historical, psychological, and biblical.

In the book, Mr. Favors says, “Remember great leaders position themselves to be ESSENTIAL and to make others ESSENTIAL.”  As I have read through this and then found myself reading it again and again, I see that he is absolutely right.  That is precisely what great leaders do.  They build great leaders who in turn build great leaders.  The 8 Essentials of Leadership is evidence of that.  An Essential Leader building other Essential Leaders.

The truth is that while there may be eight macro essentials of leadership in this book, I felt like I took away so many more principles that made me a better leader.  It is a powerhouse of information and I recommend it highly.  Pick up your copy today at


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