Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman’s Awakening

You will not walk away from reading this book unchanged and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


The Gift for All People

Max Lucado has always been a powerful wordsmith bringing healing and a unique perspective to biblical truths.

My Heart

Julie Manning’s exquisite book, My Heart, that will undoubtedly capture your heart.

Dreams and Visions

This powerful book about dreams and visions belongs in the library of every Christian!

The Book of Kringle: Legend of the North Pole

The Book of Kringle:  Legend of the North Pole by Derek Velez Partridge with Mary Packard is a lovely storybook for children! This book is so clever in its storytelling which can be a rarity for children’s books.  I loved the intricacy of the storyline.  It is engaging for adults and kids.  I also fell…

The 8 Essentials of Leadership

It is a rarity to discover an author who can inspire a reader to be greater from cover to cover. Mike Favors is just such an author.